Olympic Legacy for London

A beautiful January day in the capital; one for wrapping up warm, enjoying the city bathed in sunlight and the wintry chill hanging in the air... Just east of the city lies our newest green space and legacy of 2012, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which covers over 500 acres of former industrial wasteland, liberally... Continue Reading →

Highgate Haircut

It's that time again when pooch needs a bit of a groom so we've packed him off to the good folks at  Hair of the Dog Meanwhile we've taken refuge from the rain in Côte at Highgate to enjoy a lovely, peaceful  breakfast. Eggs Royale were rather tasty, but the Croque Monsieur not so good... Continue Reading →

New River Walk

There are hundreds of parks, commons, heaths an even a couple of forests in London making it one of the greenest capitals in the world. Tucked away in a residential area of Islington is one of the smaller, less well-known ones, the New River Walk. This man-made park was created to follow the overground route... Continue Reading →

The Pearlies

The societies of Pearly Kings and Queens are as numerous as London boroughs, each one aligned with their local Church to raise funds for local charities. Originally costermongers (street traders) who adorned their clothes with mother of pearl buttons this century old tradition  has been revived in recent decades and now boasts an annual Harvest... Continue Reading →

Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park

The dinosaurs of south London have endured a somewhat turbulent history since their creation in 1852 to celebrate the relocation of the Crystal Palace from Hyde Park. Over time they have been overgrown, refurbished, rusted and finally restored in 2007, these amazing sculptures now enjoy Grade 1 listed status.   The park, which is one... Continue Reading →

A London Lighthouse, lost no longer

Directly opposite the newly regenerated Kings Cross station, a long-forgotten and neglected building that had almost melted from the consciousness of passing traffic and pedestrians alike is slowly emerging from its shrouds, sparkling clean with a stunning new stepped vaulted zinc roof and beautifully restored brickwork all topped off with the refurbished Lighthouse.    ... Continue Reading →

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