Flying over the Thames with the Emirates Air Line

The Emirates Air Line, London’s only cable car has been open for just over five years and last week was the first time I’d got round to experiencing it first-hand.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon with just a hint of a breeze, in fact near-perfect flying conditions. So after lunch I took the DLR to Royal Victoria – the Emirates terminal is just a few minutes walk away.

There’s a huge array of fare options including visits to the Emirates Aviation Experience but.on this occasion I opted for a single trip which cost about £4.50. Fortunately there was no queue and before I knew it the next car was to be my exclusive air craft for the following 10 minutes

Each car takes up to 10 passengers, you can take dogs but they must be carried onboard. No problem for Herbie the mischievous Miniature Schnauzer there then.

I didn’t take any great photos as I was so entranced with the incredible views as we soared high over the River towards the Greenwich peninsular. Even in the calmest weather you can feel a slight sway during the flight, but maybe I felt it more being the only passenger..

Once on terra firma I took a few more photos and this short video.  It’s a bit noisy as the Peninsular is a huge construction site!

Flying High

The Emirates Air Line is a great addition to the London skyline and as well as being an extra commuter link across the river makes for a fab tourist attraction.  I’d definitely return for another trip and maybe take in the Emirates Aviation Experience at the same time.

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