Les gorges du Corong

The ancient forest of Duault is home to the spectacular Gorges du Corong. It’s located right in the centre of Brittany, just a few kilometres north-east of Carhaix on the edge of the largest moorland in the Côtes d’Armor.

The area is densely wooded, laced with streams and criss-crossed with walking trails. At the heart of the forest is the Gorges du Corong and the legendary piles of rocks or “chaos de rochers’  a mass of huge tumbling granite rocks that look like they’d been hurled into the waters.

Indeed as we’ve come to expect in this land of myths, there is a lovely legend that the ‘chaos’ was created by the giant Boudédé.  One day he was walking along the banks of the Follezou river when stones got into his clogs; he took them out and threw them in the water and this is how the boulders were formed.

Herbie causing chaos at les gorges du corong

We’ve been exploring here on a few occasions and rarely see anyone about.  It really seems to be a well kept secret maybe due to its remoteness and that access is through the quietest and bumpiest of backroads. Hardly somewhere you’d find ‘just passing’.

More than just a peaceful tranquil place, in winter the forest wraps itself around you as if to protect from the elements whereas in the summer the canopy provides a welcome respite from the heat.

Herbie is in his element here.  He loves playing in the shallow streams, shuffling through the dense carpet of leaves on the forest floor and challenging the mysterious looking rocks as if they’re living creatures.

Herbie enjoying at day out in the woods at les gorges du corong

Checkout my gallery for more photos and for further info about here and other places of significant interest in the local area, have a look at Tourisme Bretagne, the official website for tourism in Brittany.

2 thoughts on “Les gorges du Corong

    1. It’s a beautiful unspoilt region, with amazing coastlines, national parks, moorlands and forests. All this and it’s just a hop across the channel. Best to avoid the rainy season though which this year is predicted to be January to December!

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