perfectly pint-sized patio

We spend endless hours lovingly tending the gardens at Kernolou, quite certainly disproportionate to the time we find to sit and relax there.  Conversely our pint-sized patio in London that we use on a daily basis has customarily received scant attention apart from the occasional watering, wash and brush-up.

All change this year though. We’ve repaired and repainted the walls; the old garden furniture that we bought from that stalwart of the high street Woolworth’s for next to nothing some 12 years ago finally gave up the ghost and has been replaced. The new pots, tubs and containers are all brimming with flowers.  We’ve planted fruits and herbs and installed some solar lights so we can enjoy the space well into the evening.

Although the pint-sized patio is less than 12sqm we’ve nurtured and harvested the freshest of tomatoes, a lovely crop of succulent strawberries and now have a constant supply of fresh herbs.

Right now the geraniums are a riot of red clambering ever higher out of the window box and the new succulents in their pristine terracotta tubs are producing a wealth of trailing delicate daisy-like flowers.

As it gets a little cooler moving into Autumn we’re already thinking about planting snowdrops and daffodils, in fact ‘All Kinds of Everything’

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