Twelfth Night

Twelfth night is upon us so with Epiphany approaching it’s time to take down the tree. We perform the ritual each year, remove the glittering decorations and delicately wrap and store them for next Christmas. As we’re leaving Kernolou for the UK on the second of January, we’re doing this earlier than usual.

When is twelfth night?

So many different theories abound as to when this should be, however conventional wisdom suggests either the 5th or 6th of January, depending on when you count the 12 nights from. The Church of England decrees the 12th Night to be the 5th of January or Epiphany Eve.

Traditionally it’s believed to be unlucky to take your decorations down early or indeed late, although some Christians do leave theirs until Candelmas on the 2nd February.

Happy New Year one and all – wishing you health and happiness for 2018

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