Walking the dog…

H, the mischievous Miniature Schnauzer loves walking as long as it’s not raining, not too hot or cold and there’s no ‘dangerous’ puddles anywhere in the vicinity.  Actually during the week he’s out and about first thing, has a good exercise in the park at lunchtime. After a busy day he walks home from work;  then it’s just a quick round the block before bed which makes for one very happy and relaxed pup.

At weekends, everything changes; we take him on adventures to the coast or countryside where he can truly explore the surroundings unleashed from the restrictions of urban life.

Herbie walks on beach in France

Surprising then to read in the survey from UK Dog Buddy that only 67% of owners walk their dogs more than once a day!

Do dog friendly pubs influence our walking route?

mmm let’s think about that one…

H goes to the local boozer

Check out these and more fascinating facts in the fab DogBuddy blog post  The Nation’s Dog Walking Habits Revealed

Herbie the miniature schnauzer at the boozer, again

More and more pubs and restaurants are ‘dog-friendly’ these days and we’re always happy to try them out – you can see which ones meet the H stamp of approval at  eat here

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